Don’t Look Back, Just Go For What’s Ahead of You

As I was running an errand this morning, I passed by my old junior high school. Turns out, today was their graduation. It brought me right back to when I graduated from there in 2003 (my JHS went from 7th-9th grade) and then I realized something: that was my last graduation. For high school, I graduated a year and a half after I was supposed to (I finished with an at-home program due to circumstances) and for someone who was always a good student, this crushed me.

I started to spiral downhill in my junior year of high school. Senior year….don’t even get me started. As I was thinking about all of this during my walk today, it all seemed so clear to me: don’t let fear and depression get the best of you. I’m so used to being let down, cast aside, that even the possibility of something good happening has me on guard in case it all blows up in my face.

I can’t live like this anymore.

The events of today showed me that everything will be okay. A wise man once said, “it may be a little scary…but that fear is how you know it’s working.”

I may never have another graduation again but I experienced that part of life I never thought I’d go through. When you’re born to lead, the road will get lonely. People won’t understand and they’ll step all over you. Keep going. The only confidant I can count on is God. But this time, He’s in the passenger seat, playing the role of the navigator. Of course I trust Him. He’s the only man I can trust.


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