Honey vs. Vinegar

As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, kindness often feels like a foreign concept, especially if you’ve been kicked around a time or two. Living in New York for the past 19 years has shown me just how horrible humanity can be, yet I’d be lying if I said that New Yorkers are all the same. I get it – you’re having a bad day (don’t I know it) and everyone annoys you, so without thinking, you lash out at an innocent bystander. The cycle never ends.

For someone who always feels like I’m being unnecessarily pushed around, I’d also be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me. Whenever I’m approached with kindness, which is rare, I automatically assume the other person has ulterior motives or I either look at them like they’re Jesus. I realize there will never be peace anywhere, especially in such a big city as New York, but it would be nice to erase that stereotype that New Yorkers are rude and surprise a few travelers.

So here’s the big question. They say it’s easier to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar, but what happens if you’ve reached your breaking point and your honey has expired? All that’s thrown at you is the sourness of vinegar and as the smell gets harsher, your kindness slowly washes away from you. How do you restore it?


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