Okay so maybe it’s not THAT important but…okay here’s the deal:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and what it means to me and ultimately YOU, the reader. I know I say this a lot (mainly because I can’t believe it myself) but I am so humbled by how many people read this thing. It’s kind of weird in a way. I always imagine my random thoughts to be silly; like if people actually read this stuff, they’d think I was either insane or pathetic – maybe both. But apparently, there are people out there like me and you seem to appreciate every side of me there is, so THANK YOU!

Now I’m rambling.

Sooo here’s the big question: if I were to make a Facebook page for my blog/writing would any of you be interested in actually ‘liking’ it? Not only would you be getting updates from this blog, but I’d also be sharing some of my work from Buzznet and A Thousand Guitars along with other things I find interesting. So basically you’ll be immersed in all things music and feelings, which if you ask me sounds like a pretty sweet deal! 😛

Comments are appreciated! Sound off below! 😛



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