Wanted Dead or Alive…For a Dinner Party, Of Course!


There are so many people in this world who have either left such a remarkable legacy behind or are in the process of doing so. Whether they’re famous or just special people in your life, it doesn’t diminish their influence. We can all benefit from another’s story and it’s important to take their lessons to heart.

Think about the people who have helped you become who you are today, dead or alive. Now, imagine you have the opportunity to put together a friendly gathering with all of these people. What would that dinner entail? Let the hilarity ensue!

1. My grandparents – I miss my grandmother terribly, and I never got to meet my grandfather so we have a lot to catch up on; although, I’m sure they know everything that’s been going on lately with me. I hope they’re proud. I’d love to know everything they know now. What’s Heaven like? Is there cake there? With my grandmother there, I’m pretty sure there is! 😛

2. God – Okay so obviously this one’s a longshot, but why not, right? I’m sure He’d give me side-eye glances throughout the night telling me to calm down and not to worry so much. “Relax, woman! I got this!” Then, He’d probably tell me about how He turns beet red whenever my grandparents are around. 😀

3. Carson Daly – You might be asking, “how does one go from God to Carson Daly?” and my answer is simple: DUH! Sure I may have had a crush on the TV host since I was 13, but Mr. Daly is so much more than that. His fierce work ethic is admirable (I’m convinced he never sleeps) and every job he takes is always centered on music. Like me, he’s a music nerd. I’ve learned so much from him – dignity, respect, how to craft the perfect interview question, and most of all, to not give up on anything that brings me joy. I’d love to ask him so many things – to switch it up a bit and let me do the interviewing. Then of course, I’d let him give me some pointers. Also, if he could bring over some of his fiancé’s cooking, I wouldn’t complain. Food porn.

4. Shirley Manson – This woman saved me. You can call it what you want, but I truly believe that. Garbage’s music came to me at the most perfect time and I will be forever grateful for that. Shirley taught me how to be strong and how to stick up for myself at a time when being weak was all I’ve ever known. To this day, I still say I get my sassy side from her. I’d kill to just sit around and talk about life and everything under the sun with her, especially how we both feel like we never belong anywhere. We’ll probably be the loudest laughers at the table, but who cares?

5. Tyler Glenn – This is turning out to be one eccentric dinner party. I’ve always related to Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees. He’s not afraid to tell the world that he’s different and he doesn’t care who mocks him for it. In fact, he has the courage to mock them right back…for all being the same. He knows what it’s like to have music be your only friend and I’d love to get inside his head and geek out over how not alone we both are. Plus, Shirley knows him so it’ll be one giant freak bonding fest! 😛

6. Jimmy Fallon – Why the hell not? He’s adorable, funny, witty, and did I mention adorable? I’d probably make him talk in his Jerry Seinfeld voice for the whole night though. 😀

7. Person who shall not be named – Okay so let’s just call him my future love. I’d love to ask him WTF took him so long, but we both know the answer to that. God will be staring at us, no doubt, with a big smile on His face. I’ll probably fill up a wine glass with tears and then I’ll ruin the party. But that’s just me and my silly heart. My grandparents will love him. My grandmother will be pinching his cheeks. My grandfather won’t have to warn him not to destroy me. He knew this was coming. He planned it. They are the same man, just a different generation. God will then say, “See! I told you I was taking care of it! Jeeze!”


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