Rejection Never Tasted So Sweet

babyIf you’re a writer, you know the horror of waiting for feedback on whether you’ll be published or not. I sort of compare it to the perils of dating and wondering whether or not a guy likes you. Chances are, if you’re getting ignored, you’ll never be one of the lucky ones. This is both true of my ridiculous love life and my writing life.

Being ignored SUCKS! It’s like you’re invisible. Then you start to question if you ever even sent in your work to begin with. “Shit, did I forget to submit that, meanwhile I’m sitting here waiting for a response like a total noob?” Nope. This time it wasn’t you. Do you hear that silence? Yeah, that’s the sound of being ignored. Oh wait….what’s this I hear? Oh yes! My subconscious is telling me everything that is wrong with me. Go away, subconscious. You’re a total bitch.

For years I had been wishing for a rejection letter, just so my faith in humanity can be restored; so I know that there actually are people out there who give a shit. Today, I got my wish! I ACTUALLY GOT A REJECTION LETTER!!!! Can you believe it?! The fact that I even got one overrides the fact that I was rejected from a publication I admire deeply. In fact, it makes me admire them even more because they had the common decency to let me know right away, rather than have me sit around wondering what I did wrong. It’s not me, or my writing that they are rejecting – it just doesn’t fit their editorial needs at the moment. I understand that all too well, as I have to reject a handful of bands every week simply because they don’t exactly fit what I look for in music for Buzznet. They even encourage you to pitch again in the future.

Us writers need to hear that it’s not us. We’re fragile little mothereffers. We need to hear these things before we decide to hang it up and wind up working at a burger joint asking, “do you want fries with that?” Just kidding. Kind of. But really, rejection never tasted so sweet.

So thank you, unnamed publication, for restoring my faith in humanity and for showing me that, hey, it’s not me after all!

I guess this means I’m making progress? 😀



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