Faith: “You’re Doing It Wrong”


“You’ll have to forgive me; I’m new to the whole religion thing.”

Those words seem routine to me, as I say them often, not wanting to offend other Christians with my “unconventional” ways of thinking and perceiving religion. For so long, I thought I was “doing it wrong,” as I’ve so often heard, but after watching the movie, Heaven Is For Real, I’m starting to realize that maybe my idea of God isn’t as far-fetched as I’ve been told.

I was raised Catholic, but to be perfectly honest, I always felt a tinge of apprehension towards religion throughout most of my childhood. Anytime I stepped foot in a church, I often felt constrained — like the mere thought of smiling, laughing or anything God should be about was forbidden. I thought it should feel welcoming, but it all felt so morbid. God and religion never felt like the safe haven it should have been. Eventually, I withdrew myself from religion and by my teenage years, rejected it completely. Read more on Medium.


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