I Didn’t Go to College. I Regret Nothing.


Let’s just start off by mentioning the elephant in the room: I didn’t go to college…and I don’t plan on it.

I’ve definitely thought about it and even in high school I had always assumed I’d go, since that’s the usual route most teens take after high school – but naturally, like most things in my life, I took a different route, and guess what? I’m okay with it.

There’s always the stigma of nonconformity anytime we do things out of the norm, but I assure you I am not holding out on higher education because I refuse to conform to social norms. College just simply isn’t for me. I’ve taken multiple affordable (and free) online courses, and I love the online classroom environment of self-paced learning, which I’ll continue to pursue for my own enrichment, but as for spending money I don’t have for something I’m not entirely sure I want seems futile to me. Read more on Medium.


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Go to College. I Regret Nothing.

  1. Well done. I went to university and came out slaving away at a job I don’t like all that much. Meanwhile, everyone I know that skipped it gained mad skills and earn way more than I do, doing things that are way cooler 🙂


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