20 Posts In 20 Days: Purpose

*For the next 20 days, I am challenging myself to write 20 posts on self-reflection. Times are stressful and it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and what/who we want to be and achieve. Brave enough to participate? Just follow along and send me your posts via the comments, a pingback, Twitter or Facebook. 🙂


We all question our purpose in this world. I’ve always been that melodramatic child who even in elementary school wondered what my purpose would be when I got older. I thought I’d know by now, but the more I observe, the more I realize that discovering our purpose can come at any age and if you still don’t have it figured out, that’s okay.

I started thinking about this topic while I was squirrel watching the other day – which, if you’re unemployed like me, you have a lot of extra time to do such things. Don’t judge me. I love animals, so whenever I can focus my attention off of our selfish society for a bit, I’m grateful. Squirrels are adventurous little creatures, despite how petrified they always look. I can identify with this! I am a squirrel! Squirrels are always on a mission. They have their purpose: to hide their nuts and then to find them. Sounds simple, huh? But then they have to remember where the hell they put them! Was it over here? Nope. Over there? Shit, no! I gotta hand it to them. They’re always on the move jumping from tree to tree and scurrying along sidewalks. By nature these little bastards are fulfilling their purpose. Why can’t it be that easy for humans? Dammit! Where did I put my phone again?

squirrel-nut-cute-animal-nature-grass-1920x1280Haayy gurrl!

For so long, I’ve had this familiar rush inside my bones that I feel is telling me that my purpose is just around the corner. Once I fell in love with writing again, I was so sure that was my purpose, and maybe it is! But there’s still something buzzing in my entire body asking if there might be something more. While I do love writing, there’s still more that I want to pursue.

God has a plan for all of us and though we may not find out what that plan is until later in life, we just need to trust that we’re on the right path. This job search has been a slow and steady ride through hell but I’m trusting Him to lead me out of the dark abyss and to bring me to where I belong.


I recently did a write up for an artist in my special column I curate for indie musicians. She was so excited and appreciative because I was the first to write something about her music. That made all of the negativity I’ve been feeling about this business fade away. If it weren’t for my column, a lot of independent artists would go unheard and that’s a shame. It makes what I do all the more worthwhile and I am so grateful that I have the freedom to do this on my own terms. Right now, I feel my purpose is to promote those who deserve a spotlight. One day my time will come too. Maybe it might even be a whole new calling!

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

20 Posts in 20 Days

Who Am I?


“It doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory
It’s all about how you ended up where
Maybe we live just to tell our story and how to get there
We are all just passing through it hoping for someone to notice how we do it.”


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