20 Posts In 20 Days: This Is How You Lose Her

*For the next 20 days, I am challenging myself to write 20 posts on self-reflection, etc. Times are stressful and it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and what/who we want to be and achieve. Brave enough to participate? Just follow along and send me your posts via the comments, a pingback, Twitter or Facebook. 🙂


Love is a funny thing. While we’re out there loving someone unconditionally, we also sometimes allow them to hurt us. We sometimes forget our worth and we stay with people who hurt us, not thinking that we have a choice to leave or that we deserve better. When we’re just at the beginning stages of a relationship, we also tend to forget what we truly deserve, and just like that, without even really having you to begin with, they lose you.

If you’re not upfront, don’t expect her to play along.

If you put her down, you’re stupid.

If you comment on her looks, don’t be surprised if the door hits you in the face.

If you tell her she’s not good enough for you, don’t expect her to stick around. Your words might, though.

If you don’t put in enough effort, it shows that you’re lazy and not really invested in her.

Don’t ignore her.

Don’t talk to her when it’s only convenient for you.

This is how you lose her and you may never get her back.


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