Fearless In 2014: Carry On…

142Well folks, this is it. The last Fearless In 2014 post. I guess it’s needless to say that I failed miserably at this task, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop pushing my way through the fear that consumes me. Fear is oppressive, and while I’ve spent the majority of this year drowning in it, I’m still learning that it’s okay to admit that you’re scared and that as long as you acknowledge it, and attempt to never stop fighting it off, you’re going to be okay.

A 2014 wrap-up blog is coming your way soon. Until then, look back at past posts on being fearless and try to relate them to your own lives. If I can help one person through this little, failed mission, then I guess it wasn’t all written in vain.


Fearless In 2014

Introducing: Project Fearless In 2014

The Satisfaction of Progress

To Brag or Not To Brag?


Fight Stagnancy

Allow Yourself To Say “No”

Think Again

Set Goals

Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

I Wanna See You Be Brave

Believe There’s Something Worth Fighting For

Listen To Your Gut

Stop. Breathe. These Are Beautiful Times

Shutdown. Reboot.

I Suck at This

Work With What You Have

Procrastinate Later

Brave The Storm. It Will Pass




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