10 Ways To Kick-Start 2015 In The Right Direction


Today marks the 12th day of 2015. By now, you’re either patting yourself on the back for actually sticking to your New Year’s resolutions or berating yourself for falling off track. No worries – it happens to the best of us, and sometimes we need a little reminder every now and then of what’s important. Whether you want to get back on track or you’re looking to start the year off right, here are ten ways to boost your productivity and kick-start 2015 in the right direction no matter what goal you have in mind.

1. Get a good night’s sleep.


Sleep is crucial for the living. For example, if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m cranky and irritable and let’s just say I’m not very fun to be around. Hit that pillow and give me 8 hours! Your body (and everyone around you) will be thankful.

2. Wake up with positive thoughts.


I know when things are shitty, it can seem like a chore to even get out of bed in the morning, but I’ve noticed that when I think about what I have to do during the day, I tend to wake up more energized and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Just one positive thought can set the tone for your entire day so make it count!

3. Take a walk!


Passion Pit did it and so can you! If you’re feeling stressed and/or need a break, get outside and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. There doesn’t have to be a specific destination in mind – just walk and see where the sidewalks take you.

4. Prioritize and get organized!


You have a million things to do and you don’t know where to even start! Sound familiar? Get out a notepad and pen and just write down everything that needs to get done immediately. Then, as you go down the list, you can prioritize while organizing that messy brain of yours! Checking items off of a list never felt so gratifying!

5. Be kind to yourself.


Sometimes, more often than not, we tend to forget about ourselves in more ways than one. We binge on unhealthy foods and feed into what society thinks we should be and want. Take time to really think about what you want out of this life and do everything in your power to make sure that you are happy, healthy and at your best. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

6. Get inspired!


Listen to music, read a good book, watch a movie – whatever inspires you to be a better person, go do it! Writers, musicians and entertainers in general strive to inspire others, so if something you see or listen to leaves an impression on you, by all means, follow it tenfold! It makes what we do (and the strife that comes with it) all worth it. These things were made in the hopes of getting lost in.

7. Forgive, mend and forget.


Sometimes we waste too much time dwelling on the past. We over-think what we should have done or said, but what’s done is done. We have to realize that some people never grow up. Some never see the light and that shouldn’t control how we feel about ourselves. Forgive those who have wronged you. Mend your heart and move on. By then, forgetting is inevitable and life becomes a lot easier to bear. I’m still learning this.

8. Know when to say “NO.”


I was never much of a fan of the saying, “Say yes to everything!” It’s just unrealistic and if you’re foolish enough, you might say yes to things that just aren’t right for you. Think about what you think is the right choice and choose wisely. Know yourself enough to understand the right choices. Remember that nobody has to understand or live with these choices but you. Which brings me to my next point…

9. Avoid unnecessary pressure.


Pressure is inevitable. Even when you’re in your twenties, you start to learn the truth that “It all gets better after high school” is just a bunch of bullshit adults drilled into our heads growing up so that we’d stop bitching. Truth is, pressure is everywhere in all forms – work, social, etc. The only way to avoid it is to stand firm within your decisions and make it clear that you have control over your life/work. Once you’re confident enough to enforce that rule, you should be fine.

10. Know your worth.


Last year, I started to lose sight of who I was and what I wanted. I gave in to a lot of things I always said I’d never be associated with and it left me disoriented. I felt worthless and I just let others step all over me. I felt like I was destined for crap because I allowed others to treat me like crap. It’s sort of like a vicious cycle. Everyone sort of starts to morph into the same person, telling you (and showing you with their careless actions) how little you mean, yet if you just keep walking towards the brighter lights, it becomes easier to accept nothing less than what you know in your heart you deserve. Once you begin to appreciate everything that you stand for, knowing your own worth starts to become like second nature. So many people will settle for about 90% of everything in their lifetime. Don’t be a statistic.


Remember: What you allow is what will continue. Let’s all strive to make 2015 our best year yet!


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