Invisible But Invaluable

Last night I was randomly flipping through channels and came across Joel Osteen’s message on being invisible but invaluable. It’s crazy how these things find you when you need them the most. Osteen’s message was exactly what I needed to hear. He went on to say how we often feel so invisible to the world – like we’re never going to reach our goals and the constant need to promote ourselves becomes so routine that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it. As a struggling writer, I’m always trying to get ahead and I spent all of last year praying for an end to this invisibility cloak I seem to wear. But here’s something I never thought of: God sees me. He sees my effort and he’s keeping track. One day, when the time is right, He is going to reward me with an opportunity I never imagined I’d be able to obtain.

This world often tends to contradict itself. One second, somebody tells you to be a certain way while another tells you to do the opposite. We often feel like we don’t know who to be whenever we listen to the background noise. Everyone has an opinion and we need to remember that the only opinion we should care about is God’s. When I think about it, when I listen to my heart, I hear God’s voice in there telling me I’m doing okay. From now on, He is all I will be listening to.

We may feel discounted and like we need to constantly promote and stay on top, but God is keeping track and He will provide for us. Help others succeed and He will make sure that you will too. It’s not about having the spotlight, it’s about putting your best into everything, selflessly, and feeling like you’ve made a difference. That is all I want out of this life. It may sound simple to others, but to me, it’s all I need to be happy.

I have a new spring in my step after watching Osteen’s message and my suspicions were confirmed that this is something I need to focus on more this year. Please Him and it shall please you.

You can watch Joel Osteen’s “Invisible but Invaluable” episode here.

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4 thoughts on “Invisible But Invaluable

  1. I heard a sniper of Joel’s message on the radio today, and came home to search for the rest on the net. That’s when I came across your blog–which, as it ends up, was a perfect reminder. Your thoughts echoed my own, and all I came say is: AMEN. Thank you for sharing!

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