Find Me

You can look for me in the crowds of familiar faces,

their eyes aglow with the possibility of no attachments.

But you won’t find me there.

You can search through the endless abundances of the same type of girl,

eager to please, morals not shown.

But you won’t find me there.

You can peruse your way through every bar,

same people, different club,

everyone looking for temporary love.

But you won’t find me there.

Look to the sky.

The stars.

The moon.

Let Him guide you.

“Home” is where He’ll say,

but you don’t know that “Home” is where my heart is.

Look to the sidelines,

feel that awkward sense of belonging.

Feel every lyric wash inside you until it envelopes you gently,

hear my cries of a thousand years.

That’s where you’ll find me.

Where things add up and matter.

Where life is fragile and worth the time spent creating.

Where there’s a fine line between childhood and maturity.

Where there is a heart beating, bleeding, in plain sight.

A heart they spend eternities fleeing,

afraid of their own feeling.

If you’re looking for me where everyone else resides,

you won’t find me.

But if by a miracle you do,

please stay.

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