Attn: Bloggers / Owners of Online Content: Save Your Work

I want to bring a rather harrowing topic up, as we are all part of the writing community which this affects.

I came across this article today on saving your online content and it really scared the living crap out of me to be honest. I’m a writer for a pretty big music/entertainment site, and I’ve often thought about what would happen if the site was no longer around – WHERE WOULD MY WORK GO?!

I’ve tried saving my work – mostly in a Word document but realized that when applying for future jobs, a Word document doesn’t give the employer any proof that I actually wrote for another publication. With over 1,400 posts under my belt, I’m really concerned about preserving all of my best content in the event of a site shutdown. We often deal with a lot of site issues and I’ve seen first-hand how my profile looks as an empty page & I never want to experience the REAL horror of everything being erased with all of my hard work down the drain.

I’m curious if anybody here knows an easy way to back up their work, as I’m not too tech savvy. I tried saving a page through CTRL+S, which seems to work wonderfully but what happens if the site is permanently shut down? Will that page still work months/years down the road even if I save it? I appreciate any help on this matter.

If you’re a blogger and/or a writer of online content, this concerns you tremendously. It might be time to start preserving.

You can read the full article HERE.


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