Momentary Glimpse: February 5, 2015

Been doing a lot of reading, writing, and soul searching (as cheesy as that sounds) lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is anything but the end. I love the fact that we have the ability to create our own luck. Sometimes, insane, magical things happen…or they don’t – but that’s okay too. Enjoy your little victories because they are yours to keep and revel over. I always say that nobody has to understand any of it but you. Don’t compare your journey to others, as I have the habit of doing. I often think how I’m 26 with nothing to fall back on or anything to be proud of. My biggest fear is turning 30 (or worse, 40) and still fighting the battles I am fighting now.

When you put your he{art} in your art, it’s easy for others to try to tear you down because they don’t understand it. That’s okay. Who wants people like that in on your little secret, anyway? You have to hate to not have it more than you’d love to obtain it. That’s what keeps pushing you forward. As Steven Pressfield says in The War of Art, you have to fight the Resistance – that inner demon that allows you to procrastinate and put your creativity on hold for the artificial highs of instant gratification.

It’s not easy to walk a line that’s all your own, but eventually you’ll realize you’ve marched through things you never would have thought you’d conquer. Just don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Forget the destination. The journey is where it all matters.

“And everything ain’t the way I planned it, but when the smoke clears I’m the last standing. This is the line that I walk alone.”

*Momentary Glimpses are pages from my journal. Sometimes, one sentence explains it all while others tend to get lengthy. My hope is that you can relate and not feel so alone.

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