Forever Hold My Peace


A year ago today, I would have never imagined this.

It happened so fast, it left me breathless.

You invaded my heart for such a short time,

yet I still catch a glimpse of you parading around my mind.

I’m not sure what it was – your voice, your smile, the illusion of us.

Maybe it was all three, as the loneliness froze me in place.

Now today she walks toward you in white,

dazzling smile, the woman you will call your wife.

It means nothing to me now, as I recall what I am fighting for.

I am happy to close that door.

There’s still a tiny fragment of wonder, if we could have been.

But I know it means nothing,

as He leads me to the one He has in mind.

Though I can’t be there to watch you wed,

you’ll still linger in my mind as I lay in my bed.

It’s safer from a distance, to your words I will sleep,

and when the preacher asks that unbearable question,

I will forever hold my peace.

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