I want to give you a new beginning. I can promise you this time will be different. It won’t start like all your others.

I want to give you the most perfect sleep you’ve ever had in your life. I want to lie next to you as your lungs relax and safety is in abundance. I want to watch your eyelids dance with sweet visions of us behind them. I want to fall asleep to the sound of your unique heartbeat. Lying next to each other, in each other’s dreams. Then, amazement upon waking when we realize we’re still here. No one will need to tell us how good God is.

I want to take you to the peak of everything you are. I want the stirring, electric, infinite emotions of everything you’ve given me to find their way into you somehow. I’ll always take you there if you’re willing to come.

I want to make a fort on the weekend. You can show me what real love is in a way that has never been demonstrated to me. I promise I won’t flinch.

I want this story to ignite a deep sense of wonder within you. I want you to fall in love with God’s timing. I want my love embedded in your heart.

I want long talks under stars and arms wrapped securely. I want road trips and obnoxious sing-alongs. I want connection through music. I want to hear your stories of the road.

I want to know what you’ve seen and if it all, you’ve dreamed about me.

I want us.

I want to begin.

But first,

will you come home?

Will you find me?

“I’ve been waiting for our worlds to be in line so I can let you know that baby, you’re the rest of my life.”


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