Awaiting God’s Plan


I’m currently in the process of becoming a better me. I’m not gonna lie. It isn’t easy.

With all the books I’ve been reading, you’d think I’d be a self-help expert by now. A lot of it is just a mess of contradictory opinions that I can’t identify with. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder if I’m really following God’s plan for myself. With all the numerous false starts that have been occurring with potential opportunities, I’m starting to wonder if that’s God’s way of telling me to move on to something else. Or better yet, start my own “something.”

I’m learning that promotion doesn’t lie within people. Promotion is given to us by God. He already has all the right people lined up to catapult us into greatness. He has given us everything we need to succeed in this life. That takes a huge burden off of my shoulders but at the same time, the cynic in me is preparing for another blow. It feels as if society puts so much constraints on us to not pursue our dreams – we need to buy in to what they’re selling (i.e. college, etc) and if we don’t, we’re deemed not worthy. My mission has always been to break those barriers with my bare hands. I want to show the world (and myself) that He is bigger than all of us. We can achieve anything if we push hard enough. God helps those who help themselves.

When I think about God’s plan for my life, though I’m still unsure as to what that may be, I feel worthy. After you’ve gone through most of your life wondering why you were born and if you’ll ever amount to anything, it feels good to know you have a purpose. It feels good to know that there is a greater, higher love out there outside of your immediate family. The best part about His plan is that it coincides beautifully with the desires of our hearts. When we tune in to the opinions of the world, we start to feel that push/pull intensity of what everyone else wants us to be. If you’re honest with yourself, it never matches how we feel inside.

Some discover God’s plan early on in life while others may not find out until midlife. It is only when we listen to the noise of the world that we stray. There is a beating, vibrant, echoing heart inside you. Listen to it. I refuse to succumb to average and neither should you. If I know one thing, He created us to break those barriers. It’s my duty to obey.

“Sinking down now, down to the bottom. All in the same boat, where, only God knows. Everyone around us holds on to the promise. Can you hear the sound? I almost hear it now.”

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