Momentary Glimpse: March 10, 2015

Sometimes, I think it’s better to hide out in a place where no one can find you or read your thoughts. It’s better to stay quiet and save every harrowing thought to yourself. It’s awful when you’re trying to express your pain and thoughts into words and they just don’t come out right. This leads to misconceptions of your character and therefore, someone’s first impressions of you stick.

We all have our bad days. We also have our good days. We are all human, capable of both extraordinary and terrifying things. Until there’s some supernatural way to step into someone else’s body and feel every intense emotion while listening to the sound of their noisy brain, who are we to assume one’s character?

These are my stories and my stories alone. Don’t use them against me and don’t assume you really know me. There are things I choose to show. There are things I choose to hide. Though I’m always honest, it still doesn’t bare my entire being. You can’t touch me behind a screen. A simple comment cannot fix me. That’s my (and God’s) job.

An action supersedes all words.


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