She Is Me


Once you meet me, you’ll understand all of your confusion.

Why it didn’t work out with all of those other girls.

You’ll understand the meaning of true love and patience; the patience I faithfully practiced with my heart on my sleeve and fear pounding in my chest.

Once you leave that plastic city, you’ll feel a weightlessness. A freedom you searched for but couldn’t find in the confines of that bubble.

This is home. This is where I am.

You won’t find what you need there.

Please come home.

Please come back to Earth.

If you could hear me scream these words I’d do it for you at the top of my lungs. If these words could reach you in the west from the very far east, I’d scream them on rooftops, on top of skyscrapers.

If you could hear me now, would you come for me?

I’m tired of watching you make the same mistakes for a little dose of company. My heart aches for whatever breaks your heart.

I’ve been ready for a while now, yet He still keeps me waiting.

“A little more time,” He says.

So I trust Him.

I trust He’s guiding you.

But watching you walk down the same path over & over makes me wonder if you’re receiving His messages.

So every night I pray that He’ll send me to you as He’s sent you to me.

So that one day you’ll wake up with a sense of urgency and clarity.

And when you see her, you’ll know.

She is me.


“Over now. Stay close. Oh they go. I see you waiting, see you waiting, what you waiting for?”

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