Tale as Old as Time

Boy likes girl.

Boy never tells girl.

Girl can see right through boy.

Boy acts coy.

Boy thinks he can avoid the courting.

Girl doesn’t find that cute.

Girl cuts him loose.

Girl deserves the truth.


Boy loses girl.

Boy blames girl.

Girl is turned into the traitor,

when all she wanted was for him to try harder.


They say nice guys finish last,

but I’m not buying that.

Nice guys put in the work,

never wanting her to feel hurt.

Nice guys know maturity and nice girls expect that.

Nice guy finishes first when he uses his heart.


The moral of the story?

Tale as old as time doesn’t have to be, for what you manifest is your child’s destiny.

Never settle.

Never compromise your values.

Expect the best and nothing less.

Until this generation remembers that,

we’ll just have to fight,



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