Atypical Love Story

It usually doesn’t happen like this.

Usually, two people meet. They strike up a conversation. They keep in touch. They become friends. They fall in love.

Usually, it’s all the same.

With us, it’s different.

I fell asleep. In a dream, you appeared. We were lying on a hotel bed; my head on your chest. We were immersed in conversation. It felt as if we had known each other. I woke up in a daze that lasted for more than a week. Somewhere along that time, I fell in love. Maybe I never really awoke. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to.

I fell in love and it changed how I see the entire universe.

God is present. He sends me signs.

Your name appears everywhere, like a compass guiding me home.

I fell in love and it stumps me every day.

And you haven’t got the slightest clue.

But sometimes, I often wonder………do you feel this too?

How presumptuous of me to declare that this is love when you don’t even know.

None of this is typical.

I’ve always loved the unusual.

I fell in love but you aren’t here.

All I’ve ever loved, I’ve loved alone.


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