Lonely Balloon

No balloons.

No cake,

and no kisses.

But there are wishes.


There are prayers,

and hopes for a day well spent.

There are visions of laughter,

Visions of a future of happily ever after.


Another year without you,

another candle lit.

Tears and fears running rampant,

can’t stop His timing well fit.


Wrapped with a bow,

saved only for you.

This gift of timing and love stored,

let it flow through.


My heart has been yours for quite some time.

I love you, darling, though you are not mine.

Well wouldn’t you know?

Turns out I’m the patient kind.


So as I release this lonely balloon up into the air,

I’ll say a birthday wish and a birthday prayer.

For He is its guide,

and it will find you somewhere out there.


Happy birthday, my love.

How I wish you were mine.

But I wouldn’t for one second,

rush His perfect time.



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