Back To The Future

This past weekend, I found my grandparents’ wedding album from the 1940’s. I had never seen these photos before so stumbling upon them was quite the pleasure, as is anything relating to them. As I was looking through it, I came across this picture:

CaptureI’ve dreamed of this. I’ve dreamed of this exact picture, only from the bride’s side, inside that same exact car with the person who’s inspired most of my work; the one I love and pray for every day.

Though they are in heaven now, I pass by my grandparents’ old apartment in Brooklyn frequently and sometimes a car just like this one is parked in front. I had no idea this was their getaway car.

People tell me I look like my grandmother. Sometimes when I look at him, I see my young grandfather, skinny as can be; and me…curvy ol’ me, a spitting image of my grandmother; the two of us so clearly meant to be, waiting on God’s timing.

Needless to say, I pretty much lost it the second my eyes saw this photo. Hope came rushing back to me after hiding out for a bit.

God works in mysterious ways. I’m just praying that He leads us toward each other…so we can take our own version of this picture someday.


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