Dead Ends

Starting over always starts out on a dead end street.

As you stare at the sign that tells you to turn back, one cannot help but wonder why we can’t just keep on going – beyond the signs and roadblocks – through the trees and on through to the other side.

Going back seems fatal at a time like this.

What if I don’t want to turn back? I don’t want to be reminded of all I have lost but didn’t really have. I don’t want to be shown lies anymore.

I want to rediscover God. I want to believe again.

I want to know that such cruelty didn’t come from Him. I want to learn how to decipher His voice from my own. I want the wisdom to know the difference.

I want to know that everything I went through wasn’t all in vain; that there was a higher purpose and it will be shown to me in due time.

I want need to be able to trust myself again.

“Hungry for a meaning, this all seems unclear
I’ve come to the conclusion we’re all clueless here
The more I try and simplify, I realize it passes by
I find myself enamored with an explanation that doesn’t exist”


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