Everyone Is Engaged To The Wrong Person

I keep thinking about that conversation we had. You said you’d never do something like this; that the idea was just simply too insane to even fathom. Yet, here you are, one year later, doing what you said you’d never do.

I’d like to say that I hope it blows up in your face one day, but I’m too focused on finding out who I am without this to even consider the possibility of me being right all along.

Although, I’d be lying if I said I hope it didn’t backfire, but I guess I still care too much. I invest in people I shouldn’t waste my breath on.

But if by any slim chance, this blows up in your face, I won’t say, “I told you so.” I’d take you in. In an instant. Always.

Maybe then, I’ll find who I fell in love with.


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