Different Is Not a Disease


If you’ve gone through life feeling different from everyone else, have been called “socially awkward,” or just don’t buy the phoniness that society tries to sell you, this post is for you.

I know I talk a lot about being different. It was pretty much ingrained into my brain at a young age that being different made me less of a person. It became something I needed to work on in order to fit in and make others comfortable. I’d always try to “get myself on track” to make sure I’d fit in – so others wouldn’t have anything to talk about – but as I grew up I started to realize that not being like everyone else is a blessing rather than a curse. Being different isn’t a disease – it’s a breath of fresh air in a world that tries to drown anyone who doesn’t conform.

When you’re introverted, you tend to observe more. Over the years, I’ve noticed how people don’t like to feel any ounce of unease. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s forbidden. Don’t feel it. Numb it away. Ignore it until it fades (hence the title of this blog and my mission to feel out anything uncomfortable.) But what if you’re the one making them uncomfortable – not because of anything you’re doing wrong but because they’re somehow threatened with any sense of ingenuity? I’ve learned that I make others uncomfortable because I can see right through them. Once again, Kye Kye’s “People” comes to mind. “They see my heart; they keep away.” People search far and wide for something real yet when they find it, they run and hide.

As a teen I always thought that once high school was over, things would get easier; people wouldn’t care so much about what I do or don’t do and being who I am won’t be such an uphill battle. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be more further from the truth. It seems that everything I stand for, everything I believe in and everything I hold sacred seems to scare people to the point where I’m not even worth being treated like a human being. People still think that it is okay to tell me everything I believe in is wrong; that the only way to be is just like them. I must conform. I must give in. I must drown my sorrows in drugs and alcohol. I must write exactly like the others. I must have a big social media following. I must date lots of random people. I must sleep around and be promiscuous because that is how women in New York City are. I must not feel anything. I must buy into what they are selling me and reject everything my heart says about me. I must refrain from sharing the unpopular opinion.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like hell to me. Because when it comes down to it, this is my life and I am sick of being told how to live it. I’m sick of meeting the same person with a different face. I am sick of being told that there is one way to live your life. I am sick of being told to not spend so much time alone. If who I am makes you uncomfortable, it is not a reflection of me but of you. Dragging me down with you isn’t going to help you.

If any of what I have just described sounds like you, I want you to remember to NEVER change for the sake of the comfort of others. There are others like you out there and when you find them, hold on tight. Don’t listen to society’s so-called “advice” on how to be “normal” because normal is a boring, unfulfilling, self-destructive disease. Symptoms include: unoriginality, stupidity, fear of creativity, self-righteousness, joylessness, conformity, lack of a moral compass and ignorance.

Imagine if everyone had the courage to be themselves. Maybe this world wouldn’t be so cruel.

“Running around trying to fit in, wanting to be loved.
It doesn’t take much for someone to shut you down.
When you build a shell, build an army in your mind
You can’t sit still and you don’t like hanging round the crowd
They don’t understand.”


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