10 Absolutely Harrowing Moments: An Insomniac’s Checklist


That harrowing moment when:

  • Everyone knows and you feel like an idiot.
  • Your pain is twisted into something it is not by others and you are left trying to figure out if it is worth defending.
  • You are told to stop feeling it so deeply.
  • You feel like there is no escape and everyone is exactly the same.
  • You discover something better than you were praying for, yet you still can’t have it.
  • You decide to get used to the emptiness, despite how good things have gotten, so it doesn’t completely fuck you up at night and take your breath away.
  • You realize it may never feel safe to breathe.
  • You realize everything good in your life was all an illusion.
  • Sleeping becomes a chore. Pacing, a ritual.
  • You realize there is absolutely no one to count on.


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