14 Things You Did Not See


You never saw me wake that morning
Changed by what has occurred
Frightened of the tightrope below me

You never saw me pace the room
You never saw me with pen in hand
Fingers on the keyboard like I’d lose it all if I didn’t type fast enough

You never saw me pray
You never saw me fall to my knees
You never saw the ugly tears that fell as the night sky danced around me

You never saw my eyes light up when you were near
That ache of being so close yet so far
Just another face in a crowd of hundreds

You never saw the stacks of letters
The poems, the sentiments
You never saw the locket around my neck
Your picture tucked surreptitiously inside

You never felt my legs,
Unsteady as they walked to you
Strong once you were near

You never felt my heart
Beating your two-syllable name
Pounding at the possibility of an Us

And perhaps that was the problem all along

You never felt my grip or my heart
But you did see my eyes,
Boring into you as you stared straight back
Empty, unable to see what I see

Love is illusory

“I dreamed you dreamed of me, calling out my name. Is it worth the price?”


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