Close The Book


Every chapter was the same

The waiting

The aching

The hunger


Each page, the same questions

The when’s

The where’s

The how’s

But most importantly,

The why’s


The writing, perfectly etched into the page, told a story of one girl’s dream; a fairy tale in the making.

But as the years dragged on, the princess grew tired, impatient and wary of miracles.

Locked up in a city of broken dreams, no prayer could save her from what wasn’t coming.


The prince never showed.


And as the nights grew colder, so did her heart.

This was no fairy tale but a story on the virtue of patience and one-sided love.

So the princess took the pen and wrote a happy ending of her own

Careful to include everything her heart desired yet impossible to attain.


Then she finally closed the book and broke free.


*For A.N. who inspired so much yet knew so little.

“I really wanted these pages to begin with, ‘Once upon a time,’ like all those lullabies.”


4 thoughts on “Close The Book

    1. Thank you. Haha maybe! It’s a bit much to live through; I can’t imagine watching it. Too heartbreaking, but hey, such is life. :/

      I’d hate to see a modern day “fairy tale” where the prince thinks its cool to wait around for the princess to court him. :p

      Liked by 1 person

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