Prefer You


I’d rather have your arms around me, but I have my imagination instead

I’d rather have your legs warming my feet, but I have this old blanket instead

I’d rather listen to stories about your life, but I have these books on my shelf instead

I’d rather have your hands in my hair, but I have the coldness of my pillow instead


I’d rather have your favorite songs playing, but I have mine instead

I’d rather have the comfort in knowing you care, but I have these dreams instead

I’d rather you know my secrets and hopes, but I have this worn journal instead

I’d rather have you warming my cold hands, but I have these gloves instead


I’d prefer if your lips touched mine, but I have an old love’s bitter, lingering taste instead

I’d prefer if you wiped away my tears, but I have hands of my own instead

I’d prefer to hear you whisper in my ear, but I hear my own voice instead

I’d prefer to be talking to you at 2 a.m., but I have the crisis line instead


Truth is, darling, I prefer you over any type of “instead”

“You have to make do,” they say

My entire being carries too many feelings

But not enough shoulders


I’d prefer to have you, but I have to make do

Because the heartbreaking truth is

There is nothing else I can do.


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