Temporarily Unthankful


They asked me what I was thankful for

And for the first time in a while

I didn’t know how to answer


I’m not grateful for losing you

But I am grateful for the realizations


I’m not grateful for the lack of hands warming mine

Nor am I happy to have floated through this life in a dream world


I’m not grateful for the five-year illusion

Nor am I grateful for feeling like God left me on a slippery slope


I am grateful for what little talent I have

I am not grateful for the monsters that tell me I’m lacking


I’m not grateful for the time and heart put into this

Nor the empty, cold nights without a shoulder to cry on


So I guess this year

You’ll have to forgive me

For I am not so thankful for what life has dealt me with


I’ve put up with enough

And it never seems to end

And if you don’t understand

Well then, I refuse to bend


I’ll fake a smile in public

Shed those tears in private

Just like I’ve always done


Just like I always will

“Things don’t have to be this way. Catch me on a better day.”


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