And She Said Yes


You have blue eyes the color of the sky

And you used to brighten up even the darkest of nights


Your smile was my medicine

I used to dream of it at night


Your hands felt like heaven

And for a split second on a cold November night, I thought I held it all


Your voice paraded around in my head

Soothing me like a magical melody


Your music filled my room

Making its way into my bloodstream


You wear hats in the summer

And you never look warm enough in the dead of winter

Perhaps it was my heart you were channeling?


You have her name newly tattooed on your chest

But how I wish you knew the rest

How every passing day without you felt like a century

And how one image of you on bended knee sent me into a spiraling frenzy


And as she said yes,

All I could think to mutter was no.

“I lost you not long ago
Heaven knows I’m miserable
Hell takes all the credit though
‘Til the day is done”


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