One and The Same


She reminds me of me

Though I can never match her beauty

Her mind, her soul, is me

Etched in tiny fragments

Expressed better than I can muster


Who would have thought I’d appreciate her words

Her writing, like a glimpse into your soul

An open window of all I needed to see

All I wanted, all I dreamed

She had you for so long then you left her be


But now it’s all bittersweet

As she describes your transgressions

For the world to see

She was the guinea pig and I was the observer

Her darkness, like mine, made you wander


I used to hate her

Because she had you

Because she boasted it proudly

Because she got to experience your love

Because she was beautiful


I used to pray her away

Wishing you’d come my way

Until one day

My wish came true

But I still don’t have you


Now all I can think about is how

When you let her go

It was like you let me go, too


And if you can walk away from her,

Then there was never a chance in hell for me


But though we live differently,

Her and me

Will always be

One and the same


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