In Case You Were Wondering…


In case you were wondering…


Yes, I was serious

Yes, I opened up my heart to you

Yes, I honestly care

No, I don’t want your money


Yes, those songs were all for you

Yes, I meant every word they said

Yes, not hearing back hurt

No, I don’t want your so-called fame


Yes, I break in two every minute that passes by

Yes, you were my last hope after it all went awry

Yes, I feel like a nuisance

No, I don’t know why


So in case you were wondering

No, I’m not like the others

No, I don’t want what you’ve been given

No, it’s not what you think

But yes, your silence stings


So if there was something that I said

That turned you off

And left me ignored

Please say so


Because as the song goes,

“Baby, I can’t bear it alone”

I just thought you’d be the one

Who wouldn’t let go


In case you were wondering

But I doubt so

What I felt for you was real

But now we’ll never know

“Are you gonna hurt?
Are you gonna burn
Gonna answer me?
Let me take your heart
Love you in the dark,
No one has to see
I want more”


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