(Missed) Connection


I loved you but never told you

Because it’s pretty evident that in this culture,

Broaching honesty is taboo


Because they say it does more harm than good

It leaves us vulnerable

And God knows I’ve felt my share


The way they live and the rules they make

Never applied to me

Except when it comes to you


I’ve had my chances

But always chose to run

Because there was always that one key component we never got to establish


So while the stars and God connected

The numbers and the city streets

The long nights with you dancing in my sleep


The words from your mouth,

And the pretty pictures I painted

The sunrises and sunsets


The signs and the visions

All of those tormenting divisions

They all pointed directly to you


And the problem with us

Was that everything connected

But us


So I’ve been running on survival mode

Afraid to tune in to what you left behind

But I know that no matter how hard I try


There will never be a connection for you and I

“Distance never made me stronger, it tore us apart”


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