Different Bodies


Lying here listening to the rain and the thoughts in my brain

Wondering where I went wrong and how far I’ve come in vain

She said she had a dream that changed her life

But evidently, her’s never caused any strife


And it seems to me you keep falling for me in different bodies


She shares my birthday and she looks at you like you put the stars in the sky

But I’ve been feeling this for years and I never told you why

She’s on TV and she loves the spotlight

As for me, I never wanted that life

But if you ask me, your name has always been up in lights in my mind


If I showed myself now, would you look away?

Would you instantly know that you’ve made a mistake?

Facing you now would be agonizing

As I gaze into everything I let slip away

All you’d so easily walk away from


I can’t shake you because you changed my life

Now you’re about to make a mistake

And call her your wife


I have no place in telling you otherwise

So I’ll have to endure your storm one last time


But if by some miracle, it doesn’t work out

You won’t be alone in this,

If you can hear me shout


I tell people I’m fine

But I’m really not

How can you explain this,

To someone who’s never gone without?


Your name has been engraved on my heart,

In my bones

At the tip of my tongue.

You just held me in different bodies

And now the emptiness eats away at me


You’ve been loving me in different bodies

And everyone gets to be held but me.

“Keeping the ghost alive

I just won’t let it die

Please linger for awhile

Flash me that familiar smile

I loved you as strange as it seems”

Haunt me, pretend you want me”



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