I used to not believe in coincidences

I believed that everything happened for a reason,

and that in time, we will know those reasons.

I’m still waiting.


I used to marvel at the signs

How each one felt like a magical message

A wondrous escape from the confines of my mind

A special reminder just for me to hold on to


Now I realize my mind was right

It tried to warn me all along

But I ignored it

And now I’m paying the price


This isn’t coincidence

Or serendipity

Or fate

It’s cruelty.

“I don’t need you to be in the backseat
You saved me so suddenly, so suddenly
Just to watch me go, just to kill me so slowly

I came to love you in the darkness
That’s where our love was born to die
You let me cry in my bed all alone

You’re a bad dream and I can’t wake up”


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