Just As You Left Me

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It may not be very big of me,

But I hope she treats you exactly as you treated me.


Like less of a human.

Like a nuisance.
Like a worthless distraction.

Like something you had to get rid of in case I somehow ruined or enlivened up your bland life.


I hope she ignores you until you feel yourself disintegrating into nothing.

I hope you feel every ounce of pain I felt last summer.

How I clung onto who I thought you were after having my heart smashed into something unimaginable.

I hope by September, you’re a shell of a person,

Just as you left me on that cold first day of spring.


At the end of the day,

It doesn’t cost much to be a man,

But it costs everything to break up a woman

Annihilating every tiny ounce of love she had left.


It may not be very big of me,

But karma shows no mercy.

I want you in the exact state you left me.

“When they were lined up around the block, I sat and watched”


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