Speak Now

The one I love wants to take care of me. He wants to be there when I crumble and have nowhere to turn. He wants to help me breathe through the madness. My tears kill him as much as they rip me apart. There were days when I never imagined finding this. I still remember … More Speak Now


Something strange happened the other night as I looked up at the stars. I found myself in a state of contentment. I did not wish for anything, Except to keep what I already have.   Something strange happened the other day while on an adventure with the one I love. He spoke words from the … More Serendipity


I used to not believe in coincidences I believed that everything happened for a reason, and that in time, we will know those reasons. I’m still waiting.   I used to marvel at the signs How each one felt like a magical message A wondrous escape from the confines of my mind A special reminder … More Cruelty


I just wanted to run. Get off that bus and run right back to where you were. I wanted to run until I saw you in my line of sight again. I wanted to run. To what? I’m not sure. As you would have only done what they all do. I find myself running to … More Holograms

Different Bodies

Lying here listening to the rain and the thoughts in my brain Wondering where I went wrong and how far I’ve come in vain She said she had a dream that changed her life But evidently, her’s never caused any strife   And it seems to me you keep falling for me in different bodies … More Different Bodies


I feel it everywhere I go The streets of this city all remind me of you The places we used to meet In my dreams   Sometimes I’d stand in Penn Station And imagine you waiting for me The 3:43 from Hoboken The 5:21 ready to take you away from me   The city’s lost … More 5:21