The Last Noel

It is Christmas morning and I am lying in bed I am thinking about the one I loved Waking up with someone else The never-ending madness throughout the past six months The love and sanity lost   It is Christmas morning and I am empty Void of joy and holiday cheer I used to wish … More The Last Noel


I have no business being in this world. I’m tired of waking up every morning only to wish I never existed. I’m tired of seeing the disappointment on my mother’s face. I’m tired of this overwhelming sadness and the numbness of my heart whenever I find out something painful. I’m tired of being told I’m … More Subhuman

Without Me

Wait Don’t fade Not before I find the courage To say all I’ve wanted to say Your face How it follows me everywhere And the signs haven’t faded They’re as plain as day I’d like to know What I ever did In my life to deserve this And why it took me so long to … More Without Me

Prefer You

I’d rather have your arms around me, but I have my imagination instead I’d rather have your legs warming my feet, but I have this old blanket instead I’d rather listen to stories about your life, but I have these books on my shelf instead I’d rather have your hands in my hair, but I … More Prefer You

Close The Book

Every chapter was the same The waiting The aching The hunger   Each page, the same questions The when’s The where’s The how’s But most importantly, The why’s   The writing, perfectly etched into the page, told a story of one girl’s dream; a fairy tale in the making. But as the years dragged on, … More Close The Book